Window display #7 Bread, pasta and cereals

This window display is dedicated to the world of pasta and cereals. At n.1 we can admire a grinder and at n.2 a wooden kneading machine from the early twentieth century. At n.3 a series of stand presses for pasta: obviously, by changing the press inserted in the stand, the size of the pasta changes as well. At n.4 there is a large kneading machine referable to the years around 1830, and below, at n.5, we find a cereal mill from the early Middle Ages. At n.6 you can admire a large copper measure for cereals, from the second half of the nineteenth century, which was used for weighing when buying cereal or for customs duties. At n.7 you can see the first edition of one of the most interesting books dealing with the history of bread, containing the great dispute over bread which was one of the three dogmatic problems that caused the great schism between the east and west church. At n.8 we can see a large 1950s cupboard, above which we find numerous pasta cutters, pasta cups, fettuccine cutters, etc.